Service Introduction

This self-financed unit was set up in 2002 under Caritas Family Service. The Team provides professional and qualified service, under the Caritas motto of “Love in the Services of Hope” to facilitate individual, family and community to achieve the mission of whole person development. 



To construct a professional counseling and training centre with mutual care, humanistic and all around care.


Client centred, mind enlightenment, potential development and cultivation of hope. 


  1. To enhance the service user on self-understanding and exploration, facilitate inspiration on the positive growth on personal, family and community. 
  2. To establish professional counseling service based on “Family Focused” & “Ability orientation”
  3. To provide multi-professional training to improve the knowledge and quality of helping professions. 


Service Focus

  1. Individual & Family Counseling : Provide individual, couple and family counseling service, clinical/counseling psychological service, “Child Centred Play Therapy” and child assessment service. 
  2. Professional Training : Clinical supervision, and “Evidence Based” training on counseling skills, professional personality test training. 


Contact Us

Individual & Family Counseling

Tel:2525 6265
Fax:2522 2866
Address:Caritas House,2-8 Caine Road, Hong Kong

Professional Training

Tel:3707 2000
Fax:3612 5738
Address:9/F., Caritas Jockey Club Tsuen Wan Social Service Building, 9 Shing Mun Road, Tsuen Wan, New Territories