Service Introduction

Love Infinity Project has been established since 2008 to support the people encountering love relationship problems. We are well aware of the long term effects and wide spread of love trauma on individuals and families. We believe in healing and the importance of preventing retraumatization. The project provides emotional support and crisis intervention to the people who experienced separation, relational conflicts and trauma. We hope to promote grief support and growth (2G) through our service and educational programmes. 



  1. To facilitate people to cope with the love trauma adaptively and to minimize the negative impact in life.
  2. Provide trauma-informed love education to enhance resilience of the public


Service content

1.Referred by 24-hour Crisis hotline 18288

2.Brief phone counseling service

3.Therapeutic groups and workshops

4.Love Online Service –Every Thursday from 4:00pm to 11:00pm

5.School-based community love education activities

6.Community education activities

7. Social media information exchange


Service Target

People with distress from love relationship




Contact Us

Love Infinity Project

Service Website :
Address:Caritas Family Crisis Line & Education Centre , 6/F., Block A, Caritas Social Centre - Kowloon, 134 Boundary Street, Kowloon
Office line : 3161 2930
Fax:3543 8309