Service Introduction


Heartspring – means: “Fountain of your Heart”

We believe that everyone has the power of brilliance in their hearts, however the basic needs of humanity cannot be fulfilled because of individual’s inadequate family and growth experience. These unfulfilled needs have hindered the display of human nature in caring and support for your own self and other relationships, such as between husband and wife; parent and child; family members; friends and colleagues.

We hope to build an oasis in “Heartspring”, a safe and trustworthy space where people can have the courage to face the core of their problems and to learn to aware of the important messages of their bodies and emotions. Then we can explore the needs behind it, and to reintegrate and regain the health of our body, mind and soul. Hopefully, we can connect again with our family, society and all kinds of relationships.

"Nourishment", "Growth" and "Healing" are three levels of transformation journey of Heartspring. Under the professional guidance, family members are allowed to find their long-forgotten “fountain of heart”. In the searching process, they can reaffirm their self-worth by accepting their own emotional and psychological experience. 



  • The family is a safe fortress for everyone. The physical, psychological and mental health is important for us to build up mutual respect and trust.
  • We have to care and nourish one’s body, mind and soul, which interact with each other to form a complete “ME”. 
  • Everyone's spirituality, needs, thoughts, emotions, and behaviors are all interconnected.
  • Everyone's life experience, whether positive or negative cannot be rewritten, is something that we need to learn to accept and face.
  • Everyone can develop the resources which they need to face life's challenges from past experiences.
  • Everyone needs to connect and build relationships with themselves and others.
  • Everyone needs to build up their own self-image, reorganize their values to re-position and to make new choices for their lives.


Caritas Catherine Chan Holistic Revitalization Service - Journey of Body, Mind and Soul Transformation: 'Nourishing', 'Growing' and 'Healing'

Caritas Catherine Chan Holistic Revitalization Service at Heartspring provides a journey for your transformation of body, mind and soul. We offer three different levels of service for the opportunity to nourish, grow and heal. You can decide where and when to start, the process and the end of the journey according to your pace and needs.

Nourishment –  

Human needs nourishment to maintain vitality, just like plants need sunlight and water. We wish to offer you a space to relax, rest and to take care of yourself, in order to regain your strength! In this level of nourishment, you can cultivate positive thinking, relieving mental stress by participating in activities which are beneficial for your body and mind. 
Do you want to add fun and energy to your boring life? 
Do you want to discover and develop your potential? 
Come and cheer for yourself to promote your physical, psychological and mental health! 

Growth –

Every stage of life is full of opportunities and possibilities for growth. In addition to the culture, the parenting and the relationship with the original family, and social life, these factors would shape the development of our values, personality, behavior and emotion. Sometimes, we will be confused and discouraged when we encounter difficulties and setback in life. However, these adversities often create opportunities for our self-reflection, personal growth and maturity.
Do you have the courage to face your blind spots and be willing to accept your weakness and limitation? We sincerely invite you to discover your inner strength and to have a breakthrough.

Treatment – 

We have to face a lot of challenges in our life, which make us to become inflexible to understand our own emotions. As a result, we feel exhausted and fatigue. Our family and social relationship are being affected, which make us having doubt on our own self-worth and values. Obviously, we cannot find our meaning of life with these negative emotions, such as anxiety, depression, anger and fear.
Our Service would like to establish a safe and trustworthy space for you, through using different psychotherapies, to find out and handle your core problems. You can learn the signal sent from your body and emotion to understand your real needs. We are willing to accompany you to regain your self-worth and the health of your body, mind and soul.



  1. Those who concern about their health of body, mind and soul.
  2. Those who are suffering from emotional and psychological distress.


Service Type

  1. Counseling service
  2. Group therapy and workshops
  3. Single or multiple sessions on mind-body activities


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