About Us

Established in 2001, Caritas Family Crisis Support Centre aiming at responding to the family crisis, so that the individuals and families can regain control. 



Caritas Family Crisis Support Centre is a 24-hour, one-stop service crisis centre, aiming at providing support to the individuals and families who experienced family crisis, so that they can reduce distress and enhance crisis coping in minimizing the traumatic effects to the family.


Service Content

Live-in Service
We provide live-in service, assessment, intensive counseling and group support. We offer 24-hour professional support.

Drop-in Service
We also offer drop-in crisis counseling and assessment to the individuals and families.

Hotline Service
In preventing and early intervention, we do have a crisis hotline (18288), supported by our professional social worker.

In-house Group
We do offer in-house group for our live-in users, from Monday to Friday.

Volunteer Service
We do have peer counseling service and we encouraged our ex-user to become volunteers.

Community Education Service
We offer crisis education to the community, so as to enhance the community resilience to the adverse life events.


Contact Us

Caritas Family Crisis Support Centre

50 Kwun Tong Road, Kowloon
Tel:2383 2122
Fax:2383 2231
Caritas Family Crisis Suppor Hotline (24hour emergency hotline):18288

Caritas Family Crisis Line & Education Centre

(An appointment must be made with the social worker in advance)
6/F., Block A, Caritas Social Centre - Kowloon,
134 Boundary Street, Kowloon
Tel:3161 2930
Fax:3543 8309